Iphone 15 Series! Leaks! Features, Launch Date , Expectations & Price in India

Apple The biggest Smartphone brand will be launching its next series Iphone 15 in 2023. The launch date is expected to be late on 8 September 2023 . Iphone 15 series will be launching in 4 models which are Iphone plus, iPhone 15Pro, Iphone 15 Pro Max and Iphone 15. The apple users are eagerly waiting for the launch of iPhones newer versions. To compete in the market it is expected that apple will make the iPhone 15 more powerful in all field and more premium. According to leakes & rumors the apple has worked on camera and made it more powerful with special modes for pro & pro Max versions . According to the sources Apple would be Focusing more on their Flagship model 15 pro Max and newly introduced 15 ultra. The Colours are not yet leaked but as usual Iphone always designs similar colours to it’s old versions.

*Detailed Information of Iphone 15 Series

According to European law for minimizing E-waste. Till 2024 ever mobile phone company has to provide USB Type-C  charging port and cables. So It is confirmed that Iphone 15 series will come up with type-C  charging port. But apple will be making the port & cables in such ways that other cables than apple will have slow data transfer. The pro & pro Max versions will also have fast data transfer than other models

– According to Ming Chi-Kuo( the analyst at TF- International Securities) Only Iphone 15 ultra has Periscope lens which offers Optical Zoom capabilities upto 10X. Which is not provided in any other Smart Phone. They have done great work on their cameras and made them more powerful for the perfect pictures, pro & pro Max versions would also have special modes

– Apple is expected to upgrade to A17 Bionic chips in Iphone 15pro, 15pro max or 15ultra which is based on ios 17. Other models will have the A16 bionic chip

-Iphone 15 ultra is set to have Titanium Body which is more better as compare to stainless steel or aluminum body as titanium body is stronger and no scratches would form on titanium body. The other models are expected to be have a stainless steel body. Titanium body may also be limited to the Pro & Ultra versions

-Dynamic Island, The coolest feature of iPhone 14 that hided the notch and made more easy and convenient way to use it thay was limited to the pro & pro Max versions but now, Dynamic Island will be available in all models of 15 series!

Body design for pro & pro Max versions

-Iphone 15 series will come up with Rounded back and Flat Front design which is a good change. The user can experience more better display view. Rounded back will be limited to the pro & ultra versions and other models will have flat back & flat screen as iPhone 14

-What would be price of iphone15 in India? One major Relief for Iphone holics is the Price range. The Price range will be set low as compare to 14 series. This is because 14 series Price range was so high that phones were available on the launch date due to less sales.

Comparison Dimensions between Iphone 14+ and 15+

– 15 series Cameras will be slightly bigger & slightly thicker also than backward series for more better shots  and for competing with newly launched Samsung S23 series!

-You will get to see new variant 8Gb Ram in 15 series.

– There is no strong leaks about the colors but what we found that there would be dark pink & light blue color for all versions & Pro versions will have special color there is strong leak of the red bold color for pro or ultra version

In conclusion, Our team would suggest buying Flagship model which are 15 pro Max and ultra. As Apple has mainly focused on this two upward models. And buying Iphone 15+ is not really worth as compare 15pro Max and 15 ultra because this two models have great features overall.

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