Top 5 Cool Gadgets For Summer!

Indian Summer Season is always hot and humid. Moving outdoor from home in this season is annoying and boring unless there is any option to avoid humidity and hotness, so therefore to escape this hottest season here are some amazing portable gadgets that could make you forget this summer.

1. One 94 Store Air Conditioner Fan!

-This Air Conditioner Fan is Portable and Compact to use.

– It Provides 3 wind Speeds which is Low speed, medium speed and High speed. According to the 3 speeds these air conditioner fans runs between 2.5 Hours to 12 Hours.

– It has 500ml water storage capacity.

– It also has air humidifier system for providing winter dry weather in the room.

-On the Upper Part of Air Cooler 7 different Light color option are available which are namely Sap Green, Light Green, Blue, Purple , Red and Grey.

-The Cooler Swing can be adjusted upto 60°Angle.

•Power 10W
•Input Voltage:5v
•Wind Speed 3Levels
•Power Supply USB Type-C Interface

Overall, This Portable Air Conditioner is Rated Best by audience and easy to carry anywhere.where as, One 94 store Air Conditioner Fan is Amazons Choice on Amazon app.

2. Rexera Neck Fan :

-It is a Gadget wore on the neck which Provides cool air to the face.

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– This Neck Band had 46-hole outlet from which the cool breeze comes out towards face.

-It has three modes which are first wind, second wind and third wind as per the heat and humid level one can increase or decrease the wind level modes.

-It is Portable and hands-Free,  Just wear it on the neck and experience 9-18 hours Cool breeze.

– This Neck Fan is adjustable, comfortable , smooth & quiet. Because of Brushless motor the noise is lower and wind is smoother.

•9000 mAh Battery
•Type C Fast Charge
•9-18 Hours cooling According to 3 modes.
•Product Dimensions:
21.5D x 20W x 7.5H Centimeters
• Product Type : Portable Fan.

Overall, REXERA Neck fan is the best rated among all other Neck Fans. It is also a very innovative gadget with good features and quality. And we can use it while walking, running, dancing etc in this summer!

3. Gaiatop Mini Fan

-It is a small portable fan which could be Carried anywhere in the purse or bag.

-It has lanyard design to feel the better cooling experience.

– Gaiatop Mini Fan has provided 3 speed options which first gear, second gear and third gear.

– This Mini Fan takes 2-3 hours to fully charge and can run upto a day.

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– It has multiple charging options which are powerbank, adapter, laptop, car charger etc.

-This Fan has 2 copper brushless motors which makes the blade powerful to run at high speed.

Product Details :
•Energy Source: Battery
•Product type : Table Fan
•Colors: Black, pink, green, white , olive drab.
5.2D x 6.1W x 15H Centimeters

Overall, Gaiatop Mini Portable fan is best rated among other mini fans. This mini Fan could be the best gadget for travelling or working outdoor. It could make your day sweatproof and stress free.

4. DAYBETTER Portable Mini Ac

– DayBetter Mini AC has duel Fan blower for smooth and more cooler air.

-The Product Material Quality is good which could be operational for longer time.

– This mini AC has compartment behind for putting ice or water and perfume (optional) for the cool breeze coming out from the duel fan in the front side.

– this mini AC is very lightweight to carry outdoor.

Product Details :
•Material : Copper
•Color: Green, Orange, Blue
•Included: Light Kit

Overall, it is thr best Innovation gadget for the Indian Summer days. We have also picked the best mini Portable AC among all other mini portable AC and it is best rated among all the Portable Mini AC.

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Overall, This Portable Air Conditioner is Rated Best by audience and easy to carry anywhere.where as, One 94 store Air Conditioner Fan is Amazons Choice on Amazon app.

5. SuperStud Electric Juicer.

-This Juicer is rechargeable and has 2000 mAh Battery so that a user could it for long hours.

-It has Multiple Charging options. like USB , Laptop, power bank, Car charger etc.

-It has 3.6v unicopper motor for making juice in seconds.

– Super Stud Electric Juicer consist of 6 Blades for blending the juice thoroughly.

– Product is Perfect for outdoor use.

Product Details :
1) Material : Plastic
2) Color: Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Pink, Violet.
3) Product Dimensions:
8D x 8W x 23H Centimeters

(Note : Please read the Instructions to use this gadget which is included in the box)

Overall, Super Stud Electric juicer is a quality product and cheap for Summer. It is a much needed gadget for Summer purpose and the best thing is , it is portable for outdoor trips, travels, works etc.

Note: Our team has chosen the specific brands product because the above given gadgets were best in terms of Review and Ratings and other same gadgets were very low in quality and performance according to Reviews and Ratings.

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